5 Benefits of underfloor heating


If you live in a country with 4 seasons, you know the struggle of icy, cold floors all over the house. Many of you have considered having underfloor heating but may have second thoughts about it. Don’t let the cost turn you off. Here is why you need to install underfloor heating in your home. If you are already looking, heat pumps Aberdeen should be your go-to place. 

  • It is easy to maintain

Admittedly, the cash out to install underfloor heating may set you back thousands of pounds (an average of GBP 70 per square meter, depending on the type). But once installed, you can actually forget about it. They are usually maintenance free and have a lifetime guarantee. 

  • It keeps your home warm

With warm floors, no more ice-cold jolts to your feet when walking around your home. And it is not just the floors, the entire house is kept warm as well. It also keeps the room warm even when the windows are open, unlike when you have radiators. And since the floors retain heat longer, the floor stays warm longer when turned off, compared to radiators where the room easily becomes chilly and draughty when the radiator is off. 

  • It is more energy efficient than having radiators in the room

Underfloor heating may cost a lot to install but, in the long-term, it can reduce your electricity bill. As long as the underfloor heating you installed is suitable to the room size, it works at a lower temperature, thereby cutting power costs. Also these are controlled by thermostats and you can adjust the temperature in each room. And with today’s technology, they can be connected to your smartphone, giving you control over the temperature on our phone. 

  • It saves space

With underfloor heating, you do not have to deal with radiators in the room. So you do not have to think about designing or decorating the space around an eyesore like the radiator. And you get that additional space in the room; most radiators take up 10% of the space in a room. Furthermore, no more worrying about people – especially young children – getting hurt by free standing radiators in the room. 

  • It is more hygienic

An outstanding benefit to it is it makes the room more hygienic. Radiant heat keeps the air fresh with minimal airflow movement, versus traditional radiators that reduce oxygen levels and circulate the dust all over the room. This means less dust and fewer dust mites circulating in the air. This is great news for people with many allergies. Also, since the floors are heated, it turns off dust mites and other disgusting crawlies from living and breeding on your floor. Some studies reveal that underfloor heating can reduce the presence of dust mites to up to 80%! 

Just like any other investment, the cash outlay at first can be daunting. But if you look at all the benefits underfloor heating has to offer, it should be enough to change your mind. 

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