Five Best Sites Like Doublelist


Doublist is a site that focuses on relationships – it helps people look for someone for relationship purposes, bordering mainly on the intimate. Created to fill the void left by Craigslist, in no time at all, the site has gained more patronage than it expected. One caveat though is they discourage any exchange for sex for obvious moral reasons, not to mention regulation in the net. Besides Doublelist, here are four more sites similar to it.


Of course, there is no way you can exclude this from the list. It is probably the most recognizable site in the world. Founded in 1995, this site posts classified advertisements and is grouped into sections for those seeking jobs, housing (real estate), items for sale (or to sell), services, gigs and discussion forums. Probably one prominent feature of this site was its Personals section where people seeking relationships go. Recently, the US Congress enacted a bill in an effort to crack down on sex trafficking which they discovered to be present online. As a result, Craigslist had to remove it.  It also provides pointers and reminders to users to be on their guard from any scams, recommending they meet their client face to face and not to send money if they do not trust the client.


This site is pretty much like Craigslist only with the Personals. The interface is easy to use though it appears old school with an 80’s look. It has a cumbersome registration process and it is so for a reason – to thoroughly screen fake users who could subvert the site. They claim being among the top free directory websites. They offer a wide range of categories, a round-the-clock Client Support, Quality Assurance ensuring no fake users infiltrate the site and Focused Targeting.


This is another site that is like Craigslist. It is the same in terms of format and features. Looking for something, Hoobly will help you find it whether it is stuff for sale or jobs. What makes the site unique is it provided a venue for people seeking sexual relationships. But like Craigslist, it also fell victim to US laws (see above) that cracked down on sex trafficking resulting in the removal of the Personals section.


This site has been around for quite some time and this is one of the few sites that keeps its Personals section. With the shutdown of Craigslist and others like it, it has taken “refugees” from these sites. One probably reason why the Personals is still there is it does not explicitly provide a place for people seeking sexual relations, thereby passing scrutiny. guarantees it is 100% free to use. That means they will not charge any fee to anyone who wants to post an ad even if they do not register. They also promise security, as they have in place measures to monitor and filter content to ensure it remains compliant to existing laws. Of course, you can also search for other things too from employment to stuff.

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