How to make a mobile application


After you did research on your website, you found out that a big part of your visitors are using a mobile device. Very interesting information, especially if you use it right: creating a mobile application is the way to go! In this blog, we’ll help you with exactly this, giving you five steps you need to take to create a successful application. Get started immediately!

1. What will your app do?

Before you fanatically start creating an application, it’s good to take a step back and decide what you want your application to be for. The answer to this can easily be found in the details you used to decide you need an app in the first place: by viewing only your mobile visitors, you also see what they use your website for. If this is shopping, you create a mobile app for your customers to shop on. Is it something else, than you pick this. Of course a combination is also possible – it’s up to you!

2. Start designing

Now that you’ve decided on your function, you can start designing your application. You already have more than you think, as the look of your app is based on your branding style. Colors and fonts are already decided, you only need to think about the functional part of your app. Where will you place what button, what products will you promote on the main page and what structure will you use?

3. Testing

Your application is basically done, but you’re not sure if it’ll work yet. This is the hardest part of app-designing, as you now ask random customers to test your new application. You give them tiny tasks, such as “Find a certain product” or “go from section A to section Q”. While they’re doing this, you write down anything interesting, for when they succeed as well as when they fail. You now see the success of your application, which means you’re almost done, or there’s still a lot of work to do. You repeat this step until your application works exactly the way you want, for both you and your users.

4. Create safety

Enabling your application for the whole world to use means that your customers will grow, but also that you’ll become more attractive for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a second party that helps you with your safety. When you take a look at, you meet an expert when it comes to cyber security. This means they don’t only prevent any internet crimes happening to you, but also that your mobile application is in complete safe hands. Find out yourself!

5. Make your app available for everyone!

Your app is done – time to introduce it to the world! Now it’s time to sit back and watch the results come in. Of course, make sure you have an active attitude, so you’re the first to know about bugs or your application not working the way it should. Time to fix this immediately. Good luck!

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