Racing cockpits: your best buy guide


Every starting sim racer needs a stable sim racing cockpit to perform. Maybe you have already conducted a bit of research about what to buy. The choice in equipment is wildly different, and this wide choice might spark confusion. In this best buy guide we will show you what to look out for when buying your first cockpit simulator or upgrading the sim you already own. In this guide we will discuss compatibility, steering wheels, wheel bases, pedals, shifters and handbrakes.


Let’s start with compatibility. There are three major platforms to use when simracing, namely PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Pretty much everything works on PC, there are almost no limitations. When it comes down to PlayStation and Xbox, you need to pay a bit more attention. A PlayStation steering wheel is only compatible with Xbox if you have a Xbox wheelbase, An Xbox steering wheel is only compatible with a PlayStation system if you have a PlayStation wheelbase. There are also a few limitations in certain games. Not all PlayStation steering wheel functionalities work on Xbox games, and vice versa. The exact limitations are not known, so be very cautious when mixing gear.

Steering wheels

There are two main categories of sim racing steering wheels, formula wheels and rally wheels. Rally wheels are designed for GT class racing, and Formula wheels are designed for Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula E and much more. Rally wheels can be used for formula games and formula wheels can be used for rally games, but we definitely urge any racing enthusiast to buy the wheel that matches the best with the games they play. In both classes there is a wide range of replica professional wheels, this creates maximal immersion.

Pedals, shifters and handbrakes

Not only is the steering wheel and wheelbase important for the functioning of your setup, the pedals, shifters and handbrakes are also quite essential. The skill ceiling in racing is enormously high, and the best way to approach this ceiling is by having a good set of pedals, quality shifters and an excellent handbrake. These parts will decide for a big part how much of your skill translates into results in your sim racing game.


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