What are the best business models for starting websites and bloggers


What was a hobby and pastime in the past has now become a booming industry. Creating websites and blogging are two of the most lucrative careers online at present. Many have quit office jobs and focused on writing online. We hear of bloggers earning a decent USD 4,000 a month from 1 website to USD 500,000 a month!

The highest paid blogger, TechCrunch, earns a whopping USD 2.5 million a month! While there are many success stories, there are also some unsuccessful attempts at making this their bread and butter.

So you want to start a blog and/or a website. Before you quit your day job, study some strategies how to start blogs and websites and monetize them.

You’ve got your blog, your numbers, your social media accounts, and your growing audience. Do you start earning money? Not yet. So when does the money roll in? You can start seeing money come in when you get into any of the following:

Affiliate marketing

When you partner with a company and agree to write about their products or services (not hard sell; more like giving reviews and feedback), and your blog moves people to make a purchase, then you will earn income from business owners.


So you have a huge following and it is seriously growing. Because of your reach, business owners will seek you out to place ads on your site.

Direct advertising

You can advertise and promote products and services outright when you enter into a business deal with companies. This usually happens when you have a very big following.

Sponsored posts

Some companies may pay you to post an advert for them or post a blog about their products. You can earn anywhere between USD 50 to 500 per sponsored article.


Once you have established a name for yourself in your niche, it is not surprising that some companies, organizations, or groups will reach out to you to share your know-how. It may be to conduct training, be an on-call consultant, a writer, designer, etc.


If your blog features some of your products, physical or digital, you can promote them yourself and earn from the sale of these products.

Membership sites

While most blogs are free to view, read, and follow, you may want to consider putting up premium content for a fee. You may charge a membership or subscription fee to access some exclusive content that offers more value than the free posts.

Many a blogger will tell you that profiting from blogging does not happen overnight. Overnight sensations are special cases. Best to be on the conservative side and build your site one day at a time. Do your research. Study the numbers. Improve your traffic. Study SEO. Then, the money will come.

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